1. On the move
    On the move
    Artwork by Falko for a book cover
  2. Crimson Echoes
    Crimson Echoes
    Artwork by Falko for a book cover
  3. Through the Baobab
    Through the Baobab
    Artwork by Falko for a book cover
For the love of art

ESCAPE - Poetic illustration 
Works that denote the artistic expression of the emotive concept 'Escape'
Transcending reality through colour.

Art work - "' sleep... perchance to dream...' Shakespeare. The luxury of time in reflective thought and dreams is echoed in my works. I allow exploration of the mind, to develop and enhance a visual scene, using poetry and the vivid application of oils and pastels to create a desired effect. I would like to evoke a contemplative reaction from my audience."
  1. Escape
  2. Rain
  3. Focus Purpose Action
    Focus Purpose Action
  4. Beautiful
  5. Sunset of Sentiment
    Sunset of Sentiment
  6. Scales of truth
    Scales of truth

Open Exhibitions

  1. Escape
    The idea of 'Escape' is multi-layered and offers a visual feast to the viewer. The artist brings to light subtle sensations, vivid colours and striking imagery that reflect the diversity of contemporary practice.
  2. Focus Purpose Action
    Concede to the negative? No Allow only the focus of positive potential: Defying all expected limitation Destroying worlds of margin And oceans of confine. - Falko 04'
  3. Poetry and sayings
    For more information about poetry by Falko please see the website Works by Angela K Robinson and Falko - Mother and Daughter writing partnership.
  4. Poetic Illustration
    Working with oils on glass gives an incredible sense of freedom to manipulate colour, in texture and in depth of colour (as the oils glide smoothly over the glass surface). Poetry written on fabric or paper illustrated with oil on glass overlay.
Meet The Artist
  1. Falko
    Coming from Zimbabwe I am culturally attracted to and mesmerised by the safari experience. Although the harsh wilds of Africa are beautiful as they are, I work to bring an element of fantasy and the surreal to related subjects. In drama classes (body linguistics) I learnt the art of enhancement, 'exaggerating' a chosen feature within a performance. I have adapted this technique and depict it within visual art. This cultivated the concept Escape.